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Danzo has sharingan too

I knew from the beginning that Danzo has a sharingan as well, considering the fact how his right eye kept hidden and he can becomes Hokage which requires both intellectual and skills.

Now we see there are three persons with one eye sharingan, Kakashi, Madara and Danzo. And Sasuke with both sharingan.

So what is the connection between Danzo and Madara? We know the fact that Madara used to have two eyes with sharingan but now left with only one side.

Is Madara real goal to attack Honoha due to revenge? Or is he after something else?

From the previous chapter, we know that Madara is so keen on getting all the beast power including the nine-tail fox. I honestly don’t think that he wants the power just to revenge on Honoha or taking the world.

But of course to become the ruler of the world is his ambition but there is something more important. I have a feeling that he plans to divert attention to attacking Honoha but the real fact is he is just after the sharingan on Danzo and meanwhile, waiting for using Sasuke to get the beast.

In the end, Madara definitely is going to do something on Sasuke but it’s just not the time yet.

Another thing that bothering me is what is the power that Itachi gave to Naruto. I don’t believe that part of the story just gone like that. It must have a very important message to the later part of the story. Is it for counter attack against Sasuke’s new sharingan or against Madara.

Will Naruto be able to utilize the fox’s power in the end of the story?

Is Itachi the strongest in Akatsuki?

I have been asking myself over and over of whether who is really the strongest member in the Akatsuki.

I know Pain as a leader of the association is supposed to be the one who is stronger than others apart of Madara, but to some extent and for some reason, I do feel that Uchiha Itachi was very strong as well and he is considered a threat to Madara.

If I am to compare Pain and Itachi, I will say Itachi is much stronger apart that Pain is immortal and the real body is the Nagato who isn't even at the battle field. Therefore, I am not sure whether Genjutsu is effective against him.

Without a doubt in my mind, putting aside Pain and Madara, Itachi will be the next strongest member in the Akatsuki. Even though we haven't really seen the other members' powers, but we know that Itachi is very dangerous person especially with his Sharingan.

However, if Madara is very strong, then the first Hokage who was stronger than him is the strongest in the Naruto series. Some people do argue if Fourth the strongest Hokage. Well, all Hokages are very powerful and strong.

Naruto chapter 450 - The dreams have come true


Speaking of the dreams have come true, I didn't just mean Naruto's dream has comes true but Danzo as well.


First of all, I would like to comment about what Tsunade did for the Konoha. She used up all her chakra or energy to save the villagers and those wounded. But, Naruto managed to changed Nagato and the victims from the attack have all been revived. So, basically, what Tsunade did was meaningless.


Then, we see that Danzo has been announced as the next Hokage but I thought being Hokage also need to be good in skill. So far, we haven't seen any part showing how good Danzo is.


The main part of this chapter is that Naruto has indeed achieved his dream to becoming respectable warrior in the village. Everyone in the village has being awaiting his return and he is the savior or the hero. Even though, he is not the Hokage yet, but the response from the villagers has already prove that. Even Kakashi has acknowledge that Naruto has success.

Naruto 449 - Naruto and Nagato, the children of Prophecy


As expected, it is a suicide technique that will cost Nagato's life but this time, instead of meaningless death, the technique is actually to revive the people that he had killed not long time ago.


Once again, we see that Naruto has changed another person from bad to good just as what he did to Gaara.


Now, Konan decides to go back to Amagakure and helps the village of Konoha but I doubt her safety. It is definitely that she won't go back to Akatsuki but since she has decided to help Naruto, what will the rest of the Akatsuki remaining members think. In my opinion, they will kill Konan but I do believe that Konan is going to be the last survivor of the three students that Jiraiya trained long time ago.


So, the technique is not about transferring power to Naruto or whatsoever but revival of the villagers. Now, Naruto has bigger role to play of. Almost everyone puts their dreams on him and bet that he will soon find the answer to peace one day.


Before the chapter ends, we see that Sasuke has finally started to move and is heading to Konoha now. So, it is likely that the next battle will be between Naruto and Sasuke. However, I do not think that the result of the battle will matter. Something else is going to happen in the middle of the battle and probably Akatsuki will use this opportunity to take over the Konoha as the Konoha is the last obstacle that hinder their plans.


Naruto 448 and 449 prediction - What is Nagato's technique?


This chapter is mainly about the Naruto explaining the book that Jiraiya wrote about his dream of achieving a peace in the world.

Now, after finishing the chapter 448, we see that Nagato is about to use some secret technique in response to Naruto dream of finding a peace in the Ninja world.


I personally don't think that will be an attack technique. What I feel is that Nagato is probably going to transfer some of his power to Naruto. I know this sounds awesome but illogical but that's what I think of.

There is a reason why Nagato will probably do that. He trusts Naruto and maybe he knows that he is not going to live longer or unable to find the answer of peace, that's why he entrusts his dream to Naruto. Yes, another person who believe in Naruto other than Jiraiya and 4th Hokage.


So, if this is really going to happen, what will happen to Konan and what happen if Nagato really transfers some of his powers to Naruto? I don't know whether Nagato will live on but I think Konan will. She probably will serves as right hand person for Tsunade. But of course the people in the village will go against this but Tsunade trusts Naruto (Naruto is promise to Nagato that he will ensure Konan lives on her life).

Another thing is I do have a feeling that Naruto will leave the village because he is disappointed by the reactions of the villagers. Then, at the same time, Danzo is rebelling to take over Hokage place and Naruto saves the day. Tsunade at her current level of chakra won't be able to defend herself.

So the conclusion is that I don't think Nagato is going to use any attack techniques on Naruto now but to help Naruto to ensure that he will find the answer of peace on his behalf.

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